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NEM Malaysia announces its inaugural NEM Merdeka Hackathon for 2018

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NEM Malaysia is proud to announce that they will be holding their first ever hackathon and it will be held in conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia National Day.

Called the NEM Merdeka Hackathon, the theme for it this year will be “Blockchain The Future” and it will be held at the NEM Blockchain Centre at Glo Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The NEM Merdeka Hackathon is one of NEM’s key initiatives in creating a vibrant Blockchain technology ecosystem in Malaysia and it aims to create the enterprise awareness and adoption of NEM Blockchain technology in the country.

On top of that, the hackathon will also help to match use cases and business challenges with potential solutions powered by NEM Blockchain technology.

The NEM Merdeka Hackathon 2018 will begin on Friday, 10 August 2018 with training provided to the participants. The final pitch date itself will be held from the 15th till 16th September 2018.

The Hackathon is open to students of any educational institutions in Malaysia as well as to corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors will have the opportunity to present their use cases and business challenges while students and lecturers of participating educational institutions will be able to work hand in hand to solve them with blockchain solutions.

With this arrangement, not only will participating educational institutions be able to use Blockchain technology and incorporate it as part of their curriculum and research programs, but also allow corporations to have direct access to credible research partners and a talent pool for solving their business challenges using Blockchain technology.

To participate in the NEM Merdeka Hackathon head over here. Remember, registration ends on 12 September 2018, so head over and register now!

NEM MalaysiaNEM Malaysia announces its inaugural NEM Merdeka Hackathon for 2018
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NEM Southeast Asia’s Inaugural Women in Blockchain Asia conference


“There aren’t enough women in tech. By showcasing existing female leaders, we want to fan the spark into a fire; inspire other women to enter the industry, especially in the blockchain arena.” -Jasmine Ng, Director at NEM

The principles underlying blockchain technology — decentralisation, transparency, efficiency — can potentially create a more democratic, equal and empowered society. It goes without saying that gender equality is part of that vision.

Yet so many blockchain and tech events are male-dominated. Indeed, at this year’s North American Bitcoin Conference, only 3 out of 88 speakers were female while in October 2017 MyEtherWallet reported that only 16% of their wallet holders were female.

It’s crystal clear there’s a huge gender gap in the blockchain world.

It is with this in mind that NEM Southeast Asia kicks off KL Blockchain Week with our inaugural Women in Blockchain conference. The event isn’t just for women: featuring female speakers from all over the world, we’ll be highlighting the latest developments in blockchain technology, analysing their impact, and presenting a vision of the blockchain future. If you’re interested in meeting some of the most dynamic movers in the technology sector today, whether it be in healthcare, law or cybersecurity, then this is the place to be.

At the same time, we’re mindful of the challenges that many women face in their daily lives. That’s why this event isn’t just about celebrating the high flying achievements of women in blockchain, but also about supporting vulnerable women at risk of social and economic exclusion. We’ve partnered up with two great causes — Maria Chin Abdullah’s empowerment fund for marginalised women and Sisters in Islam — and will be donating a part of the proceeds to them. After all, as Jasmine puts it: “Strong women lift each other up!”

The Women in Blockchain 2018 conference will be held on 24 September at the NEM Blockchain Centre from 9am to 5pm. We have a day packed with the best speakers and we’ll cover a wide range of topics, so whether you’re broadly interested in new technologies or you’re looking to connect with women in blockchain, there’s something for you.

To find out more register, head on over to our event website here.

NEM MalaysiaNEM Southeast Asia’s Inaugural Women in Blockchain Asia conference
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NEM extends its outreach program to Penang


NEM recently conducted a trade mission to Penang alongside the Malaysian Internet Alliance to experience the growth of Penang over the last 10 years. Led by NEM Southeast Asia (SEA) Project Director, Lance Cheang, NEM visited a handful of companies based in Penang to understand these initiatives band how they have benefited companies based in the states.

Companies that NEM had the chance to visit in Penang included; Intel, Zebra Technologies, Exabytes, EasyParcel, AyuhBina (ACAD), Penang Tech Dome, Penang Science Cluster, QDOS and even the Penang State Government. Many of these companies and have already expressed their interest in Blockchain and are keen on exploring it further.

NEM and the Malaysian Internet Alliance at Zebra Technologies in Penang

In the course of the visit, NEM also managed to meet and engage with the Chief Minister of Penang, Chow Kon Yeow, together with one of his Deputies, Ramasamy Palanisamy. During the meet, the NEM delegation managed to give an explanation on the NEM blockchain, the available funds as well as the NEM charter.

“We see great potential in Penang, particularly in the supply chain use case, and we’re looking forward to partner up with the state government to have a NEM blockchain hub in the northern region,” according to NEM Southeast Asia Project Director, Lance Cheang.

As part of the next steps to be taken to further boost the adoption of Blockchain in Penang, there will be more NEM101 talks arranged in the future. Further NEM education opportunities in Penang will be provided to interested parties whenever requested.

NEM MalaysiaNEM extends its outreach program to Penang
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Malaysia’s TNB gets its first taste of blockchain with NEM


One of the industries that have taken a significant interest in blockchain has been the energy industry with various blockchain related solutions made for the industry in general.

So it’s no surprise that Malaysia’s own government-linked energy company, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) would be interested in blockchain as well and NEM Malaysia had the honour of hosting the company and its employees in a private Blockchain Awareness and Training session recently on 17 July 2018.


NEM SEA’s Regional Head, Stephen Chia giving an introduction to Blockchain to the TNB employees

A total of 150 TNB employees were in attendance at the NEM Blockchain Centre in Glo Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where they were walked through the basics of Blockchain by Stephen Chia, NEM Southeast Asia’s Regional Head, as well as given an introduction to NEM’s use cases by Lance Cheang, NEM Southeast Asia’s Project Director.


A breakout session was held to map out challenges in TNB that could be potentially solved with blockchain

In a subsequent breakout session, NEM Malaysia and the TNB staff were able to map out some challenges in the company that could be potentially solved with blockchain.

“Blockchain technology is disrupting many industries and is doing the same in the utilities industry. We are delighted to work with Tenaga Nasional to support them with the NEM blockchain platform to empower them in solving some of the challenges within the power and utility sector, perhaps even to create new business opportunities. NEM Malaysia looks forward to working closely with TNB to discover these opportunities with our NEM blockchain,” said Stephen on the session with TNB.

With TNB staff in attendance finding the session enlightening and fruitful, there is hope of a collaboration between NEM and TNB in the near future.

NEM MalaysiaMalaysia’s TNB gets its first taste of blockchain with NEM
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