Meeting Rooms

Studio Room
Capacity: 5 paxPrice: RM15/hour
Meeting Room
Capacity: 8 paxPrice: RM18/hour
Conference Room
Capacity: 14 paxPrice: RM35/hour
Conference room equipped with tv screen
Projector with sound system
Conference phone available upon request
White board, flip board and stationary
Catering services available upon request
Non-members are welcome to rent the rooms too

The Studio Room is our smaller meeting room, perfect for team meetings, private discussions, or job interviews. It can fit up to 5 pax and has a TV equipped in it. A portable projector, flip-board and conference phone are available upon request, for no additional charge. However, for better comfort and efficiency, we recommend using one of the larger rooms for meetings or presentations that require the use of the projector.


The Meeting Room is our medium sized room. Blessed with natural light during the day, it is the perfect place to conduct presentations using our portable projector or if that isn’t necessary, there is already a TV equipped. Catering service is also available upon request for this room, so you can enjoy some light refreshments, some amazing butter cookies, or even some nasi lemak during the meeting.


The Conference Room is the largest room in the centre and can fit up to 16 pax. Upon request, we can also make it bigger to fit more people in it. This room is equipped with a projector screen and TV, which gives you two options in which to give your presentation. This room is also connected to our event hall and can be used as a VIP or waiting room for any events held there.

bigoneMeeting Room