Where is NEM Blockchain Centre?
We are located at Glo Damansara mall (Lot 1.02), Jalan Damansara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
What are the opening hours?
Our reception is open from 8am to 10pm. However, meeting rooms and event halls are only available from 9am to 9pm. If you have any special requests outside of these times, drop us an email at nbc@nem.my.
What facilities does NEM Blockchain Centre offer?
There’s everything a co-working space needs, and more. In terms of co-working space, we have hot and fixed desk plans and private offices, an event hall and meeting rooms for rent. We also offer blockchain support and free training, weekly events, incubator programs, and other facilities. And most importantly, a cafe that serves coffee, of course.
Is your centre exclusively for blockchain companies?
Only our offices are exclusively reserved for blockchain companies – our hot desks and fixed desks are open to all companies, regardless of whether they are using blockchain or not. Also, our offices are open to all blockchain companies, not just those that use NEM. As long as you are involved with blockchain, you are welcome in our centre!
I am interested in learning about blockchain, can you help?
Yes, we will be happy to show you what blockchain is about. We hold free blockchain trainings every month, and we also have technical support staff in the centre who are more than willing to help you to understand blockchain and how it can help your business.
What membership plans do you offer?
We offer hot desk, fixed desk and private office. Visit https://nem.my/coworking for more detailed information.
Do you offer daily plans?
Yes. You can choose between an hourly pass, a 1-day pass, or a 10-day pass. These passes can be bought online or in our centre. Note that we only accept cash in our centre at the moment.
Do you offer a discount for long period memberships?
Yes, we do. We offer 4% off for a 6-month membership, and 10% off for a 1-year membership. For more information, visit the centre or email us at nbc@nem.my.
How many people can we fit into the private offices?
It depends on the size of the office – we have offices of different sizes to cater your needs. Do bear in mind that our required minimum number of occupants is 4, so in case you have fewer than that number in your company, you will still need to pay for 4 people.
Are the fixed desks located in the same area as the hot desks?
No. Our fixed desks are located in a quiet area of our centre next to the private offices, to offer more privacy to our tenants.
Meeting Room
Can I book a meeting room if I’m not a member of NEM Blockchain Centre?
Yes you can! Anyone can book a meeting room, even if you don’t have any plan in the centre.
I would like to bring in some food. Can I?
Yes, you can order from Silent Teddies, which is our in-house catering service. Note that outside catering services are not allow without prior consent from the centre manager.
I need special set up/ equipment. How do I do it?
You can drop an email to nbc@nem.my with your needs and we will help you out.
Events Hall
Can I book the event hall if I’m not a member of NEM Blockchain Centre?
Yes! Like our meeting rooms, our event hall is available to anyone, even if you are not a member of NEM Blockchain Centre.
How many people can we fit into the event hall?
Our event hall can comfortably fit 150 to 180 people, seated in theatre style.
What equipment do you have?
The event hall comes with the following equipment:
  • HD projector
  • 6 microphones
  • AV and Audio system
  • Pointer
  • White Boards
  • Chairs and tables to fit your events needs
  • Conference phone (available upon request)
  • Catering services (available upon request)
My event is quite small. Do you have a smaller room?
Our event hall can be separated into 3 parts to meet your needs. If your event is small or you want a cosier and more intimate setting, you can choose to use just 1/3 or 2/3 of the space, which we will close off with the corridor doors.
Is it possible to rent the whole centre for an event?
Yes, it’s possible to rent our entire centre’s space. For more information, please contact nbc@nem.my.
How do I pay the rental for the event hall?
We advise you to use nexudus for payment. In case you have a problem with the platform, please contact us at nbc@nem.my and we will assist you with the payment.
Once I book the event hall, does that confirm my slot?
Only if you make the payment within 48 hours. We will hold your booking for 48 hours, but if payment is not done within that time, your booking will be cancelled and open for others to book on the website.
Can I have an event on a weekend or in the evening?
The event space can be used from 9am until 9pm every day, including weekends.
My event is quite small, and I only need 1/3 of the space. Can I get a discount?
Sorry, you can’t. Our prices are fixed, and calculated at an hourly rate.
Do you provide catering services?
Yes, we do. Our CSR project, Silent Teddies, provides catering services, ranging from finger food to buffet style lunches. For more details please contact nbc@nem.my.
Can I bring my own catering service?
Sorry, but we don’t allow other catering services in our centre. As part of our CSR program, Silent Teddies is our official partner, and all the money they make goes to helping the deaf community in Kuala Lumpur.
Do you allow food inside the hall?
Eating and drinking (except for water) is strictly prohibited inside the event hall, but you can do so outside the hall, anywhere else within the centre.