Event Hall

150 pax capacity

Affordable rental for everyone

Fully equipped with the latest technology

Catering service available upon request

Team support for your events

Is the event hall too small? Rent the whole centre!

Available late hours and weekends

Non-members are welcome to rent the Event Hall anytime

Talks and forums
Hold your presentations, talks and forums in one convenient place, without having to worry about setting up projectors, sound systems or any other technical issues.
Board meetings
Need to have a meeting to plan your strategies, map out your visions, and brainstorm your ideas? Meetings that require a more formal and private setting can be held here as well, and you can be sure that your privacy will be of the utmost importance to us.
Roundtable and fishbowl sessions
Want to have a fun roundtable or fishbowl session where you can get the most out of your team and get everyone to participate? Our rooms can definitely cater to whatever seating or presentation arrangement you wish to use.
Looking for somewhere to hold a hackathon? What could be a better space than a blockchain environment centre with full-fledged technical support?
Regular classes and courses
Conduct your classes or training sessions in peace. You can even book our rooms on a weekly or monthly basis. Just let us know and we’ll help you out.
If you’re planning to hold a competition of any sort, our event hall is multi-purpose and can be custom-fitted to suit all your needs, from the main event hall to the waiting and VIP rooms for judges and VIPs guests, and meeting rooms for delivering results.
Networking sessions
Thinking of having a networking session to build the community, or just to expand your network of contacts? Our event hall is perfect for a large-scale networking event, or smaller, more intimate ice-breaking sessions.
Cocktail parties
Want to have a fancy cocktail session to celebrate an achievement or have a party to thank your employees for being so amazing? Just rent our entire space and party on!
Infinite options for your events
Do you have an event that doesn’t fit the conventional ones listed here? Contact us to talk about it, and we’ll try to make it happen! We are always open to new ideas and challenges, so don’t be afraid to approach us if you have a unique event you need us to help you with.
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